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 Writing Subject Leader: Miss L Robinson 


English has a pre-eminent place in education and in society. A high-quality education in English will teach pupils to speak, read and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions effectively to others, and through their writing, others can communicate with them. Through writing in particular, pupils have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. 


By the time our pupils leave Girnhill Infant School we intend for pupils to become increasingly confident in planning, revising and evaluating their writing. To be able to do this effectively, pupils will focus on developing effective transcription and effective composition. They will also begin to develop an awareness of the audience, purpose and context, and have an increasing knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. We also intend for pupils to leave school being able to use fluent and legible handwriting. 


At Girnhill Infant School we aim for all our children to:

  • Be introduced to subject specific vocabulary that a writer would use
  • Use subject specific vocabulary to talk like a writer
  • Use subject specific vocabulary and definitions that a writer would use
  • Research, interpret and present like a writer
  • Learn, work and talk like a writer


Children are taught a range of writing skills under the principles of: composition and transcription.

At Girnhill Infant School:

  • We plan using the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum
  • We enhance the curriculum using progression grids
  • Subject progression grids are used to develop long term planning
  • Teachers use the long term planning to plan units of work and deliver individual lesson


Our writing progression grid outlines the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that pupils are expected to learn during their time in school. We approach all of our learning using Rosenshine’s principles to support our pupils to know more and remember more of their curriculum and ensure that learning is secure before they move on to new information or skills.

  • Part of:Inspire
  • Aspire Teaching School
  • Healthy School
  • Ofsted Good Provider
  • Sports Mark