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The school will be closed for the summer holidays from 17/07/20 at 3:15pm to 08/09/20 at 8:00am ~ To contact the school please email:


Children are the heart of our school, each one valued as an individual and deserving of the best. Our school provides a rich, stimulating learning environment.  This takes place through a whole school approach with everyone involved in decision making and ownership.  Everyone who works in our school takes responsibility for daily school life through high motivation and commitment.                                                                                                                  

Adults and children work together to create an atmosphere of mutual respect which promotes a positive learning experience. Parents, carers and visitors to the school work in close partnership with school staff and governors to provide the best education and maintain our school values, which are:

Communication, Aspiration, Respect, Engagement, Safety

Children’s overall education is carefully planned, monitored and continually assessed in order to provide the best teaching and learning opportunities possible, so that learning provides appropriate support and challenge.

There is a drive to move forward and embrace change along with ongoing evaluation of organisation, teaching methods and curriculum content to achieve!                                                

School Aims…

  1. 1) Our main aim is to provide quality experiences in all aspects of school life so enabling the children to be happy, successful and keen to learn, thus helping them to grow into young people who are fulfilled and able to make a positive contribution to society.
  1. 2) We believe that children should develop a happy way of being together, that their self-respect for the rights and needs of other children and adults from their own culture and other cultures and for the opposite gender.
  1. 3) We are aiming to educate the whole child by presenting a total experience which is right and relevant to his/her individuality, thus fostering the child’s intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development.
  1. 4) We aim to teach a broad and balanced curriculum content by carefully planning and delivering the National Curriculum followed by assessment and recording of the children’s progress.
  1. 5) We aim to provide a supportive, consistent framework in which the child feels safe and understands what is expected of him/her in terms of behaviour and standards of work.
  1. 6) We aim to foster a close partnership with parents and carers and build up a relationship of mutual respect and understanding so that we best serve the needs of each individual child.
  2. 7) We recognise that change and progress are an important part of everyday life and, therefore, aim to equip children to cope and flourish in dealing with the challenges faced by such changes.
  3. 8) We aim to do this in an atmosphere of mutual respect with the whole school community working together to achieve a high quality of teaching and learning. We aim to embed ICT in all aspects of learning, supporting children and adults in the 21st Supporting this is the commitment to promoting the health of both children and staff through all aspects of school life.  This is to ensure the well-being of all in the community and supports our drive to include all.                                                                


Yours Sincerely,

Jane Littlewood  Headteacher

  • Part of:Inspire
  • Aspire Teaching School
  • Healthy School
  • Ofsted Good Provider
  • Sports Mark