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Religious Education


R.E. Subject Leader: Miss J Wilson

Our teaching of RE is based on the Wakefield Agreed Syllabus 2018-2023.  Through the study of different religions we aim to encourage all our children to recognise the right of people to hold diverse beliefs and values, and to help them develop positive attitudes of respect and tolerance towards other people. 

We use RE to encourage our children to develop an appreciation of the world in which they live and to reflect upon their responsibility towards it.  RE also provides us with opportunities to enhance children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

As part of daily collective worship, our children learn about principle religions, through the celebration of festivals from a variety of different faiths.  We have strong links with the Methodist church in Featherstone and Rev Andrew is a valued member of our school community, regularly visiting our school and contributing to our celebration assemblies.


  • RE aims to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions.
  • It promotes children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through exploring their own and other’s beliefs.
  • RE plays a key role in developing children’s sense of identity and belonging.
  • It enables children to develop respect for others, particularly those whose faiths and beliefs are different from their own.
  • RE is important in enabling children to develop a wider understanding of the world in which they live.

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