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At Girnhill Infant School we strive to make maths fun, engaging and interesting for all children.

We follow White Rose Maths Hub as a scheme of learning which provides opportunities for the children to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, to reason mathematically in a range of situations and to develop skills in problem solving.

Mental mathematics is very important and is often used as morning work in Key Stage1.

Children at Girnhill are provided with a variety of different resources to enable them to access their mathematic learning. Numicon is a vital resource used at our school, it can be found in areas of provision for children to access.

Our aim in mathematics is for learning to have a purpose. We have developed an enterprise week in which children become entrepreneurs. They have to plan, design, create and sell their own products in order to gain an understanding of the value of money. We also endeavour to create as many purposeful maths opportunities within the classroom and within the wider environment, for example, children going to their local shop to buy their own food for their party and learning about fractions through making pizzas.

We also want our parents to be involved with their children’s learning. We have created some booklets which will discuss the national expectations for children in maths and give some ideas of strategies and resources that can be used to support learning at home.

Children’s work is displayed on walls right from nursery all through the school. Children also have learning books which display their progress and achievements. These are open and freely accessible for parents to enjoy and see how well their children are doing.

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