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To contact the school please email: or Telephone: 01977 702261~ If you have been receiving FSM eVouchers and your child has returned to school, you will now need to order a grab bag for your child and you will no longer be allocated a weekly eVoucher

Attendance News


This page will be updated when school is open ..... 




Weekly attendance











 Year 2, Year 1 and Reception class attendance


Average attendance this week is --------


Overall attendance from September is ----- our target is 97%

Spring Term 1

Otters won the attendance - week4

Badgers won the attendance - week3

Rabbits won the attendance - week2

Rabbits won the attendance - week1


Autumn Term 2

Otters won the attendance - week15

Rabbits won the attendance - week14

Otters won the attendance - week13

Otters won the attendance - week12

Foxes won the attendance - week11

Otters won the attendance - week10

Foxes won the attendance - week9


Autumn Term 1

Badgers won the attendance - week8

Otters won the attendance - week7

Foxes won the attendance - week6

Otters won the attendance - week5

 Foxes won the attendance - week4

Badgers won the attendance - week3

 Rabbits won the attendance - week2

Badgers won the attendance - week1



Nursery attendance



Overall attendance from September ------% our target is 97%


Please see the attendance reward banner on each 

class window


Everyday each class has 100% attendance another letter is added to the banner.

Who will complete 'Perfect' first!




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