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Our School Ethos and Values


 Teaching our pupils to have core values is at the heart of everything we teach and woven throughout our curriculum. Through our values based curriculum we enable our pupils to have a developing understanding of what our values mean and look like in school, at home and within the local and wider community.


We strive every day to treat each other with respect, show honesty, and express love for each other and value our friends, family and community.


Every day, we give our children opportunities to show responsibility, to learn though work and play, taking pride in all they do and achieve.


We expect everyone to appreciate equality and individuality, patience and determination when faced with challenges.


We understand and appreciate that friendship is one of the greatest gifts we can have and share.


With aspiration our children can reach for the stars and do anything or be anyone they choose to be!


Through trust and thoughtfulness, we aim to build a community of kindness and togetherness.


Everyone at Girnhill strives to live by our school values to make sure that we are being the best that we can possibly be!  

                                                                                                                        At Girnhill all pupils are taught how values underpin everything school does and this gives a meaningful context for British Values and SMSC, supporting their understanding of how they underpin our society. As a values-based school we ensure that British Values are introduced, discussed and lived out throughout the wider values-based philosophy that infuses the ethos and work of the school. All curriculum areas provide opportunities for further understanding of these concepts so that pupils can embrace these concepts with enthusiasm and demonstrate a good understanding of their application. The skills and attributes developed through the teaching of values enhance the curriculum and pupils’ learning behaviours; raise attainment; attendance and pupil wellbeing.

We approach and celebrate children demonstrating our values through our key question –

“Have you filled a bucket today?

At Girnhill Infant School everyone has an invisible bucket with them all of the time.


We believe that everyone has the right to have a full bucket by being valued and valuing and believing in ourselves.


When we make positive behaviour and learning choices we become a “Bucket Filler” filling both our friends and our own buckets.


When we choose to make positive choices we make everyone feel happy, valued and safe. 


But, sometimes we make wrong choices, which is all part of growing up and when this happens we become “A Bucket Dipper”. This means that our happy, valued and safe feelings begin to leave us.


It is important that we learn from our mistakes and become a “Bucket Filler” again.


I look forward to meeting you,


Mrs J Littlewood 

 Safeguarding Officers: Jane Littlewood (Lead), Paula Hughes and Leah Robinson (Deputy) Tel: 01977 702261 
Special Education Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator: Leah Robinson Tel: 01977 702261
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